Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Brief Reenactment

Isaac jumping on swivel computer chair.


Mommy: Isaac, be careful. If you fall, you will get hurt and then Mommy will be so sad.

Isaac: Am I you're best friend, Mama?

Mommy (while hugging him and taking him down from the chair) : Yes, you are my best friend.

Isaac (as he cheerfully walks away from the chair): Okay Mama ... and I'm a good boy too!

Moral of the Story:

Tell your kids why you are guiding them - because you love them so very much - and they just might listen :)


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Aaryn said...

Hey there. I came over after you left your link on my Flickr pic. Isaac is is your family! You know, when we were adopting Ruby, we though we would most certainly be matched with a boy and we'd picked out the name Isaac for a first name (middle would have been Cornel as in , Cornel West). I love this post. It made me a good way, of course!