Monday, January 7, 2008

Feeling Better.

Hi all. I hope you are well.

We have all been "under the weather" here which is why I have failed to post recently. But lots of rest ... and some refreshing outdoor walks ... has restored us to better health. Now I have that feeling that comes after having been "laid up" for awhile. You know that feeling where you just want to do everything all at once because you haven't done anything in so long. I want to start a billion new projects, get all the laundry done, go to the movies, clean the house top to bottom, etc...

But first, I need to tie up some loose ends ... like, finishing the projects I have already started. And I did a little of that last night. So, some of you may want to check out my Etsy shop to see a few new items that I have posted (I think a couple items have already sold). And if you have placed a special order, I promise to get those done asap as well.

And now I leave you to go work on some of those previously mentioned projects ... but not before I share a few photos from some of our recent outdoor excursions ... Enjoy.

Daddy and Isaac posing by our house.

One of several neighborhood squirrels that we scout for during each walk.

Isaac and Daddy enjoying a super-fast sled ride down our driveway.

There is nothing quite like the cold, crisp, refreshing air of a Maine winter to cleanse the body and renew the spirit. Have a fun day!




This Mama said...

I am glad you are feeling better!
Love the squirrel pic!

Paula said...

Glad you're all feeling better. We have the flu spreading through our house like wild fire this week. YUCK! Love that squirrel. How cute!