Friday, January 25, 2008

Missing Home Already (partly).

I am going to miss these country walks so very much when we finally make our move into Bangor. I am sure that I post WAY too many "outdoor walk" photos on this blog as well as on Flickr. But I can't help it ... these walks are often the highlights of our days... and they make for some great photographs.

These walks give Isaac and I time to be all alone ... to chat ... to discover ... to breathe deep.

And the freedom that our dogs enjoy when we walk our secluded country road is something I may never find at our new home ... so I am taking it all in now while I can. I will hope and pray that we can find a way to enjoy outdoor walks in the "city".

There are so many wonderful reasons for us to make this move ... and I am very excited for this new family adventure. However, I already know how deeply I will miss this silly old country road :) You will surely see more of it before we pack our last moving van.




Tim & Sarah said...

Jodi, I live in the city, and Love to walk. I know it isn't quite like a country walk, but really, its who your with, and not where. Also I need to say a huge THANK YOU!! We really appreciate how you have helped!

Missy said...

jodi, it is beautiful! i know your next journey will bring you much happiness :)

This Mama said...

I am going to miss your country lane too!! thank-you so much for sharing a bit of Maine's beauty with us, I've enjoyed your walks too!
~ Mandy

Amanda said...

that snow looks delightful! :) :) And, fun! :)

Hope you had a lovely new year. I do read regulary and hope to comment more so you know I am out there! :)


Paula said...

Oh no ~ there can never be to many walk photos. I love them to and always have my camera with us on our walks. I know that you'll find a special walking spot in Bangor, it'll just be different. Another adventure.
Love that hat Isaac has on!