Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wabanaki Confederacy.

This past weekend, Isaac and I were privileged to attend the Wabanaki Confederacy Pow-Wow on Indian Island in Old Town, Maine. It was hosted by the Penobscot Nation, of which my extended family is a part (Meaghan, Missy, Sydney, etc.).

Words cannot adequately describe the beauty and power of this sacred, timeless gathering. I was honored to take part in it ... and thankful that my son has both embraced and been embraced by this community.

Because pictures can sometimes tell a better story than words ... I will let this photostream do the talking for me. I hope that my photos convey joy, pride and respect. Enjoy.


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Paula said...

What fun! When we lived in Wyoming, we went to the Shoshone Pow Wow every year. Such beautiful dances and rituals.