Friday, July 24, 2009

Feels Like Starting Over.

As I stumble through my current return to manual film photography ... I feel humbled. In order to even get a decent exposure you have to really know what you are doing ... and to get a great photo, well you have to REALLY know what you are doing. Now I understand why it is so much easier for 'everyman' to be a photographer in the new digital camera age. It took much effort, knowledge, and practice (let alone alot of spent film) to get really good shots with the old manual cameras. And I now have a whole new respect for those National Geographic photographers of the 50's and 60's. (I just bought an entire collection of Nat. Geos from the 40s through the 70s --- and am drooling over the photography contained within).

As I try to get the best aperture/shutter speed relation for each shot, I am very mindful of all conditions that may affect the quality of the picture. Because film is involved, I am also mindful not to be wasteful ... trying to make the most out of every photographic opportunity ... NOTHING like my mindset when using my D300. With digital, I just snap, snap away ... changing my settings as I go ... no worries about the number of shots I am taking ... simply concentrating on composition more than anything else.

Working with film - using a manual Pentax K1000 - has a whole different feel to it - but one that I welcome right now. It feels like starting over again with my photography... in a good way. I am reminded of what photography is truly comprised of ... and the efforts involved in becoming a truly great photographer (something I hope to one day become). I have started reading basic photography books again (just as I did in high school) ... and find this one very useful. And I am learning patience ... ahhh, patience. I suck at patience. But, manual film photography requires much of it, and I welcome the much needed life lesson.

Time will tell where this latest interest leads me. And I will be sure to share as I go along.

How about you? Do you remember your film days? Have you tried to relive them? I would love to hear your thoughts.




becka said...

Funny that I should stumble upon this post as I'm planning to pick up some film later today. I haven't used my film cameras in a long while, and I'm both excited and nervous about! I totally know what you mean about taking your time and thinking through shots, which I think is a really lovely process. I've been so frustrated with my digital point and shoot because of its limitations, but too lazy to pick up my film cameras to fix that. I'm excited to start trying though, especially after reading this post!

Jodi Renshaw said...


You go girl! I look forward to seeing some pics on your blog. What film camera are you sporting?


mommyknows said...

I am glad film days are gone! I remember being disappointed a LOT, when i'd get the pics back.

I have a D300 too. I love it.

Perla said...

so which camera did you use to take these photos? all 3 are gorgeous!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks S ~

I used my Pentax K1000 for these shots. Its a beast :)

Love you,