Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hidden Eloise.

Ah. I just had the most delightful buying experience through Etsy. I purchased some gorgeous art postcards (suitable for framing - which I intend to do) from Hide N Seek ... the "home" of Hidden Eloise.

Little Miss Eloise is a sweet, unconventional girl who loves to spend her time with bears, as well as other woodland creatures. And she is a huge fan of playing hide and seek (thus the name). When you make a purchase from Miss Eloise, she not only sends you the highest quality art products (i.e. copies of paintings of her woodland frolics), but she also sends you some lovely free gifts, a handwritten note, and wraps your goodies in the most wonderful dressing.

Her shop is an absolute delight. And I will likely return to it again and again. I highly recommend that you do the same.


~ Jodi


mommyknows said...

How darling! I love etsy.

Hidden Eloise said...

oh! such a lovely n sweet post!! Thank you so much sweet Jodi :))

lots of love n bear hugs your way,
Hidden Eloise xxx

tara said...

i bought some of her prints a couple of months ago and the package was really like Christmas as a little girl or something~ i was giddy opening it!