Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If I Had a Genie ...

... one of my wishes would be spent on buying this old church in Orono:

I have always wanted to live in an old church. Always. I totally envision my bedroom in the upper choir section ... looking down on the kitchen/living room/playroom, etc. And the fact that this one is currently for sale, and within a couple miles of my current home, AND is a former Catholic church filled with the most gorgeous stained glass windows ... well, it just makes me drool.

And it could all be mine, for just $500,000 or the granting of one wish from a generous genie.

Can't you just see it? When you enter my foyer, you can bless yourself with the holy water by the doors. And before you sit down to watch my big screen tv resting atop the altar ... you can genuflect. Okay, that is sacrilegious, I'm sorry. I shouldn't make fun, because the fact is that I have the ultimate respect for churches ... their history ... the lives that have been changed within their walls ... through baptism, marriage, death, etc. ... the myriad of prayers that have been spoken and unspoken within their walls. It all amazes and humbles me. And I would feel blessed beyond imagining if I could make my home within one. Truly.

So, if you have not used up the three wishes granted by your genie, could you please spare one for me? To make my dream come true? Or just send cash. Thanks.


P.S. fyi: my son was watching Alladin as I typed this post.

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Paula said...

It's such a beautiful church! When I was a teenager, I babysat a little one who's parents had bought an old wooden country church and converted it into their home. I loved going there.
Hope your Genie comes through for you. When your done with him, send him my way - I've always wanted to live in a barn....