Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late Night Insight From My 4-Year Old.

Scene: 2am. Mommy trying to fall asleep in bed. Isaac wide awake next to Mommy. Daddy fast asleep next to Isaac. Dog at end of bed, snoring.

Dog: (farts)

Mommy: Oh man, the dog keeps farting.

Isaac: What did you say Mommy?

Mommy: Oh, nothing.

Isaac: (quiet for some time ... obviously thinking ... then...) Mommy, you know that when you say something and then you say that you didn't say something ... well, that is called lying.

Mommy: (smiling) You are right son. I just said that the dog was farting.

Isaac: (putting hand to my face and looking into my eyes) Thanks Mommy. Thanks for not lying.



PaTrIcKjFoGaRtY said...

Love this.

Missy said...

how adorable :) what insight that little guy has!

Perla said...

hahaha! that is too hilarious. i hope that my kids don't catch onto that one because i don't like to lie to them but i also don't like having to repeat myself 30 times over some comment i made with out even thinking. funny funny.