Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Say Dog in French.

A conversation between Isaac and his Bobo (grandmother):

Isaac (in all seriousness): Bobo, I know how to say dog in French. Do you want to hear it?

Bobo: Sure. How do you say dog in French?

Isaac: Poodle!

(Bobo then laughs so hard she could wet herself.)

Isaac: What!? That is how you say dog in French! I know it.

Bobo (through fits of laughter): Ok, ok ... Well, tell your Mom you know how to say dog in German now.

Isaac: But how do you say dog in German?

Bobo: Shepherd! (continuous fits of laughter followed by a phone call to me to recite the conversation).

Man, I love this age. Actually, I love EVERY age of childhood. Keep the laughter coming Isaac. You rock.

Jodi (Mama)

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Liz Grandmaison said...

That's *exactly* how you say dog in German. At least, at my house! Super cute story, Jodi. Reminds me of Cameron telling us at three years old that she had good "rememberies." :o)