Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poor Truck.

Poor Truck. Halis and Meaghan were at the Hampden Rifle Club ... installing some plumbing after shooting off a few rounds ... when all of a sudden, Meaghan spotted that the truck was aflame. They called the authorities ... but their was no rescuing the truck. Thank God they weren't in it when the fire started! All is well that ends well. No one was hurt. Halis will surely get a new truck ... so life will continue as before.

Just another example for Isaac (and for us) of how important the fire department is to our communities. They helped save the building ... and they cleaned up the gas and oil spoils so the local stream would not be contaminated.

Thank you Hampden Police and Firefighters.



Perla said...

wow. that is crazy. poor truck. any idea how it started? thank goodness halis and meaghan are safe.

JuggalettePehrson said...

I will never ever ever ever, forget my first time shooting. Or installing a toilet for that matter:)