Sunday, April 18, 2010

You. The Goat.

You is such a little sweetie. Yes, her name is You. Aren't we ridiculous? Since we have a goat named "Me", it seemed all too right to name one "You" ... so I could call them into the barn by yelling, "Hey You, Me & Emily!"

Sadly, we did have another little sweetie named "Mini-Me" that we purchased at the same time ... but she passed away in my arms only 30 hours after I brought her home. After a midnight visit from our local farm vet, we discovered that she was suffering from Shipping Fever and the Scours. The vet did his best ... but she passed away just hours after he left. Isaac and I cuddled her before she passed ... and we tried to heal her with love ... but she left ... and Isaac took it very well. Better than I.

Anyway ... now little Miss You is a spoiled goat. Because she is missing a fellow kid to grow-up with (the older goats don't count, as they are not liking her quite yet) ... we have allowed her the occassional run of our house ... and some bed snuggles. She is fond of all of us ... and is just an all around sweetie. She wags her tail quite a bit and enjoys a good romp outside.

The farm we bought both kids from is going to replace the goat we lost sometime next week. So You will have a new friend soon. But until then, we are enjoying her company as she follows us around the house. Hopefully soon the older goats will take to her too.

As the old-time Maine famers say, "Ain't she cunning?"


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