Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learning to Milk my Goats ... via web videos.

* Milking a goat without any stands, stools or other equipment:

More likely the way we are going to do it:

Someone else learning too:

Any other suggestions from my fellow goat farmers?


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Sidonie said...

We have had goats for years, and now for two years have a Jersey milk cow...which is udderly awesome! ( sorry, couldn't resist)

Basics for successful milking,

1. good udder 2. warm water wash for udder before each milking 3. gentle, rhythmic movement, not jerky or startling 4. PLENTY of grain or deluxe greens that will keep her interest while you milk 5. resolve to succeed!

Our cow had never been milked, and miking her is like a have to read her body language, she will tell you if you are pulling too hard, if she is nearly empty, if she needs to pee, or if something in the woods is spooking her while we are trying to milk.

The best success will be to befriend your animal...she will teach you how to milk her...

We are friends on FB, so if you have any more questions, just message me, glad to help!...