Monday, December 12, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Day 11: Sew Some Goodies!

Nothing says Christmas like handmade goodies. (Ok, a few other things do too ... but handmade treats are in the top 5). And every year, I try my hardest to make at least one handmade gift for everyone on my list. It isn't easy ... and sometimes I fall short ... but I try. This book has helped for several years now ... and though it is out of print ... I highly recommend you get a used copy via Amazon asap ...
The projects are so simple yet so beautiful ... and you don't need any major sewing skills. If you are skilled, then you can just amp up the projects in your own special way. I made the following goodies so far for this year's gift giving ...
Mom asked for a handmade tablecloth ... and she is all about the plaid lately. The squares were from my Mother-in-Laws collection of fabric that I inherited 5+ years ago ... and I backed it with some jean material leftover from another project. Cost = $0.00! So, I made a matching chair pillow for her as well ... again with leftover materials and I pillow form I found new at Goodwill for $.99. So, both projects cost me less than $1. And they are so beautiful :)

By the way ... the tree on the pillow is not in the aforementioned book, but was an applique from another project book ... but so long as you have fusible webbing ... you can put anything you want on any pillow/project you want :) Easy peasy.

I am not sure how well they show up in the above pic, but I also made a few wallets for the kiddos, and some pot holders for the grown-ups . Not exactly sure who they are going to as I am making more and will decide who gets what when I have a whole bunch to choose from. That's how I roll ;)

I LOVE these potholders as I don't put the traditional "hanging loops" on them ... so they can second as mats for placing under potted plants ... and/or for placing under hot food at the dinner table.

Want some inspiration for your own handmade gifts??? Of course you do! Here is where I go when I get a bit stuck ... the Sew Mama Sew Blog. It is chock full of goodness if you are willing to hunt a bit. And right now they are hosting loads of giveaways ... so check it out.

If you are crafting too PLEASE share in the comment section.

Enjoy your countdown to Christmas!!!



Kelly said...

loveliness as always, jodi! you're so good ;)bleroll

Linda said...

Beautiful!!!! Those on the receiving end of these gifts are very blessed. :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you both! Kelly, I need to check out what YOU are making these days :)