Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frugal & Green Holiday Idea #1 ...

On a recent trip to our local Lowe's Hardware store ... bored out of my mind ... waiting for Halis to find whatever he was looking for ... I found a clearance section in the plant department. Yes, a clearance section. Now, usually clearance sections of any particular department contain items that I would not want to pay a penny for ... as they are horrible failed products (like singing fish to mount on your wall) ... but plants? How can potted plants go wrong? Well, they can go unloved by staff whose primary responsibilites do not include playing nurse maid to sickly greenery. So, they mark these little guys on sale for $.25 - $3.00 each ... and hope that they will get their money back ... and that you have a green thumb.

So, I bought them all. Yes, all. From African violets to Spider plants to Orchids. I spent about $11.00 and that included the Miracle-Gro bagged soil! Why did I buy them all? And why do I plan to go back tonight for more? Christmas presents!

All I need to do is re-pot these little lovelies into recycled pots (from home or from the local thrift stores) ... give them water, sun, new soil, attention and some plentiful carbon dioxide ... and these babies will be gorgeous! And just in time for holiday gift giving.

AND every year our family gives gifts to a local charity ... and what a wonderful way to say I am caring for you ... then by giving a lovely plant to someone in a veterans/nursing home. So, we will pretty these up in time for handing out to those who will appreciate them most.

Before putting most of them (not the shade loving variety) on a shelving unit in our living room ... I plucked their yucky leaves, watered them, added soil when needed, and looked up their light/water needs on Wiki. From here, I will search out pots at our local thrift stores and transplant them as soon as possible ... adding the nutrient rich bagged soil when I do. I will add ribbons that I have in my endless collection of notions ... and VOILA!

Just before I send these guys off to their new homes, I will be sure to show you some pics. Until then, go rescue some plants from your local hardware store ... or other place (do tell where you have found yours in the comment section please). ENJOY!

Any other frugal, green ideas to share? Post them in the comments :)


Anonymous said...

I know this might bring to mind those pictures of homes in the 60's but, those old tires from the family car make great raised beds for in a children's garden. And if you look for them you can get them for free. The auto repair shop on RT2 put piles of them out beside the road with a sign. :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

I had forgotten about using tires in the garden, but think it is a great idea. I will use them in the veggie garden next year to make raised beds. Cheaper than lumber! Thank you ;)

Krystin Noyes said...

I found a TON at lowe's in brewer... unfortunately I am not a saavy photog like you.. but I only spent SEVEN DOLLARS. African violets, polka-dot plant, "lauren's rainbow", limelight, coffee plant, and an orchid (at 2.00 it was my most expensive one, although I actually thought it was bamboo and am still not totally convinced it's an orchid). IT'S INSANEEEEE. PS if that is your living room I am super jealous. You get so much light! I feel like I live in a dark dreary cave =(

Jodi Renshaw said...

So proud of you Krystin! Glad you got such great deals. And yes, that is my living room. Lots of light. I love it. Thank you. Xo