Tuesday, February 21, 2017

104 Things to Photograph: Book Covers.

It might be over a year now since I purchased the book: 104 Things to Photograph by Chronicle Books. It has sat on my bookshelf waiting for me to gather the motivation and time it takes to complete such a project. Once upon a time, I thought that I would complete this book within a year by photographing two of the assigned photo prompts per week. But now I realize that if I do not put time constraints on such an endeavor, I am far more likely to complete it.

This book is very basic, and also quite charming. It contains thick pages of paper that have little slots cut in throughout, so that you may place your completed photos above the assigned photo prompts. 104 prompts, 104 photo areas, 2 photos per page.

And tonight I was ready to begin!

I asked my best girl, Bronwyn, to help me with the prompt: "book covers" .... and we headed to Books-A-Million to complete the task. I knew that I wanted to find a book cover with a face on it, and have her put it in front of her own ... but I had no idea what we might find. I think we hit absolute jackpot with this one ...

Here is my first entry into this fine scrapbook-of-sorts. I look forward to 103 more prompts. And maybe I will finish this by 2018.


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