Wednesday, February 22, 2017

104 Things to Photograph: A Graveyard & What's in Your Pocket

Since writing yesterday's blog post, I feel quite determined to complete the book: 104 Things to Photograph (see this post).

Today, I asked Isaac to pick a photo prompt from the book that he would be willing to model for. I should have guessed he would pick: "a graveyard". But he didn't want to do anything scary or macabre. He just wanted to look handsome. And yeah ... he's pretty good at that.

This is what we came up with ...

He looks pretty aloof here ... it's not his favorite expression ... but I like it. It's him. And I can still see some "baby face" in his cheeks that I am certain will be gone all too soon.

This is our favorite graveyard (if one can be so odd as to have a favorite graveyard), Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine. The interesting history here is endless and the grounds are so beautiful. We catch frogs here in the various ponds during the summer. Much of my toy photography work is done here, as well. So yeah, it is a favorite spot for us. We picnic here, go for walks, and even bring company along to enjoy the space.

Now, I can check off "a graveyard" from the list of 104 things I need to photograph.

But I wasn't content with this being the only photo of the day ... so I chose a prompt as well ... "what's in your pocket". Since we went beachcombing on Monday, I knew my coat pocket was filled with all sorts of seaside goodness. Here is what I came up with ...

I started pulling things out of my coat on to the table ... no rhyme or reason ... and without knowing exactly what was going to appear. I can't tell you how often my coat pockets contain similar items ... because it is so often. I can't and don't go to the ocean without grabbing at least one rock, one shell, and one piece of sea glass. I get giddy when I find bottle necks, so this was an especially good loot day. And yeah, that moss ... awesome.

These treasures have now been bottled, awaiting more flotsam and jetsam to join them. I especially love their colors against the red. And now I can check off "what's in your pocket" on my list.

Just 101 more photos to go.


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