Monday, August 6, 2007

Remembering Our Blessings.

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted here. I am sure that I do not have legions of fans awaiting my every word and photo, but there are a few of you (thank you). And although I do blog in order to share my life with others, I mostly do it to chronicle and make sense of my own thoughts and deeds.
And after the emotional weekend that Halis and I just experienced, I certainly feel the need to sort through my "stuff". Though all is quite well in our world, we spent the better part of our weekend continuing to sort through his belated Mother's household things. He and siblings held a large Estate Sale this weekend ... and let me tell you, if you don't already know ... it is never easy to watch strangers paw through your loved ones former life.
Some extended family came by to wish us well with the sale ... and many of them stayed to share loving stories about Halis's parents. Though these stories are absolute treasures to us ... they do conjure up intense feelings of loss. Many tears were shed. But many smiles were shared as well ... and that is what I need to focus on.
Good Lord, Halis and I have been blessed with such incredible people and experiences in our lives. We have been left with some amazing legacies ... and some big shoes to fill! Halis's Mom, Halis's Dad, my Pepere, my Mimi, Mrs. T, Marilynn Catanzaro .... what amazing people we have been loved and taught by. What lessons in love, courage, strength, generosity, truth, morality, tenacity, and devotion we have been blessed with. I hope we are forever mindful of these gifts. We certainly were this weekend.
All these thoughts lead me to want to make GRATITUDE a common practice on this blog. I am feeling the need to sort through and remember my blessings... on a regular basis.
Please indulge me :) Perhaps these regular gratitude lists will serve to remind you of all the blessings in your lives as well.
... when I climb into bed at night, the scene in the above photo is what I am greeted with!
... Halis was raised by incredible parents who put him and his siblings above all else.
... Halis will do the same for his children.
... my parents are always there when I (or my family) needs them.
... Halis and I know the value of a job well done.
... my son asks to "go home" whenever we are away for too long. And when we get home, he acts as though it is the greatest place on earth.
... Wende shared this video with me.
... I am beautiful (see video).
More gratitude to follow. I'd LOVE to hear about your blessing as well!
Lots of Love,


Missy said...

i'm thankful/grateful for so many's a few.

1. my beautiful daughters, and son. i'm amazed at how wonderfully made each of them are. it's perfection at it's greatest! their eyes, lips hair, smile are perfect in everyway!

2. my husbands accepts me for who i am! he doesn't try and change me. he loves me for who God created me to be.

3. the unconditional love my mom gives me. priceless......


Missy said...
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Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Wow Jodie! You won't believe it but I was up all night, and wrote this blog post that I have save in my drafts section. Rob (my husband) finds out today if his Mom's cancer has spread to her liver. I never posted on my blog because I wanted to respect her privacy - but I broke down lastnight and had to write something. I will repost it just for today (although it's a wee bit long) - but I wanted to say thank-you so much for your post (the video too, I was smiling away & meanwhile tears rolling from your blog). I am grateful for:
1. My husband - also raised by beautiful supportive parents who moulded him into this super husband who cannot let a soul (not even a spider, carefully carried outside) down.
2. My children & their health and happiness & constant company
3. Good friends. I am not a social butterfly (friendly but reclusive) but I have several close friends who are gems, I feel so blessed to know them.
4. Thank-you also for your blog, an inspiration - and for the video (I am snatching it for my blog
Take care Jodi & a big hug for you and your family

Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Thank-you for the comments on my blog and your right to say we shouldn't let our fears overcome us. I had to take down the post as they are a family who doesn't like to talk too much about it - so I just want to respect that. We find out today if my Mother in Laws cancer has spread to her liver, that was the fear. Breast cancer survival rates are so much higher than they ever were - liver is not so good (but people do over come!)

Thank-you for this post on blessings!!

Paula said...

Beautiful post, Jodi! Very touching. Thank you so much for reminding me to be grateful also, as I had forgotten this week!

What a hard time it must have been to have that estate sale, but it is behind you now and so many beautiful memories to hold on to.

I lost my mom 9 years ago this week and am SO grateful for the years that we had her and for the love and family values that she intstilled in all of us kids.