Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NOW AVAILABLE: Custom Made Purses, Totes & Quilts!
As part of my campaign to get serious about creating an online indie-craft shop via Etsy, I have begun making various samples of my work ... hoping they will elicit some custom orders.
I am currently working on a photo memory quilt that is turning out so beautiful. However, I cannot display it here until after I have gifted it. I am thinking that perhaps I could take some Christmas orders for custom made photo quilts by displaying some on Etsy ... so I will give that a try soon. Until then, check out some of these beauties on Flickr.
I have completed some personalized purse/totes to display. Here is one that features a photo from the day that Isaac came home to us from Haiti:
These bags are fully lined, very sturdy and truly beautiful. I can use any photograph to make them - without any harm to the photo. Clients can choose the size of the bag as well as the fabrics. Pricing will be $20 - $25 w/ free shipping. These will make great gifts! I plan to make several for my own family.
I will continue to make goodies on a daily basis and post them when I can. Thanks for looking! Please spread the word if you think some of your friends and family may be interested in placing a custom order. Thanks :)


Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Love the tote with the photo of you and are very talented! When I am out of saving mode/ ultra frugal mode I will clear your shop of goods :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you Mandy. I know how adoption is - you need to save every penny!