Friday, August 10, 2007

Work-in-Progress Friday.

I am currently working on a self-designed embroidered quilt using some vintage Aunt Martha transfers that my Mother-in-Law never used. This is the first block ... and it is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. In fact, I thought I would have all 8 blocks completed while I was away on vacation. Ha! I guess I didn't realize what it would actually be like to vacation with a 2-year old!

Oh, and I absolutely love this basket that I store my stitching in. It is an older Longaberger that I also inherited from my Mother-in-Law. I am NOT.... I repeat... NOT a collector of any sort of decor (I do collect vintage kids books) ... but I did inherit several Longabergers that I am wild about. They are simply so darn useful and so naturally appealing. I carry this particular basket with me wherever I can do some stitching ... the beach, the lawn, friend's houses, etc... and my Mom is always commenting that the basket is far too expensive and collectible to be carted around in grass and sand. She finds it appalling that I am actually using the basket. To her, this is nearly sacrilege. I think this is hilarious! In fact, I think I am purposefully negligent in my care for this basket when I am around my Mom just to watch her reaction. I mean, it is a BASKET for God's sake ... not only is it unimportant in the grand scheme of things ...but it begs to be used. It begs to hold items. It begs to be carted around. And if it gets totally worn out, the universe will certainly provide me with another basket.

Ahhh, but such is the difference between my Mom & I. She likes to look at things and keep them pretty until the day that she sells them for next to nothing at a yard sale. Me, I like to use things up so well that by the time I am through with them, they are nearly unrecognizable. How one woman could have given birth to the other is beyond us. But we like each other just the same.

Anyway, I will be travelling to my Mom's house tomorrow with basket & stitching in tow. Halis plans to paint Mom's new garage while I stitch. Maybe I will sit really close to the wet paint ... or even underneath the ladder Halis will be using ... to see if I can't get a few paint drips on the basket .... just so that I can report back about my Mom's reaction :) Poor Mom... her daughter has a twisted sense of humor.



Nicole said...

I'm sure your mom wouldn't be the only family member appalled at your "mistreatment" of your basket. There are several Longaberger fanatics running around in our family! I would have to agree with you (although collecting is in my blood!) that items like that yearn to be used. Besides, it's against my religion to spend that kind of money on a basket when I can get them at yard sales (not brand name of course) for 50 cents each! I can see our relatives shaking their heads at my ignorance now!

monique said...

I just found your lovely blog through Paula's blog on a rainy night.
You have a lovely blog that I love to visit again.
Love ly stitchery.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Nicole, You are SO right. There are many family members who would want to hang me by my toes for treating this basket the way that I have. And YES, I prefer 50 cent yard sale baskets as well ... but when you inherit these coveted Longabergers ... you don't say "No Thanks". And I have to admit, they are really nice baskets :) But you won't ever catch me buying one! (Unless of course I find one at a yard sale for 50 cents!!!)

Cousin Jodi

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you Monique! I am glad that you have come by the site for a visit and hope that you do again. I plan to check out your blog too ... I would love to learn more about the culture of the Netherlands :)