Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time to Lose the Fro.


And how does a Mommy keep her two-year old still long enough to have Daddy take an electric shaver to baby's head? Well, Mommy serves him M&M's and gives him a noisy and colorful box of push pins to play with:
And after all that fuss, the two-year old needs his rest:

Daddy is getting so much better at cutting Isaac's hair. It looks great! (Even though he jokingly gave Isaac a reverse-mohawk in the beginning of the haircut).


Paula said...

I love that "before" picture and the look on Isaac's face. He is just so darned cute!
Love your party animal bags ~ adorable ~ any tot would be happy to carry those around!

Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

Nice new do cutie-pie!!