Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Handmade Gifts That I Can Now Show You ...

... because they have already been gifted away to my loved ones.

I made these pillows for my best friend's couch:

I made these ornaments for my Mom as well as my Brother-in-Law:

I made these stationary folders for several ladies in my life. These were my favorite sewing project this season:

They included notecards of my own photography. The theme was "A Year in Maine":

Ahhh... and then there was the Johnny Depp pillow. Yum:

All that sewing, but I am still SO in the mood to create more! It felt wonderful to be able to give gifts that I spent quality time working on --- made with love and lots of coffee :)



PS: There were many more handmade gifts given ... but I have already shown them here before ... knowing that the receivers do not check my blog.

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Paula said...

I love handmade. It's so much fun! I saw your stationary sets and cards on flickr. Did you print your cards yourself or take them somewhere? Their awesome!