Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Tree Revisited : And Other Holiday Decorations

I think I like the new tree even better.

I found this vintage advent calendar at Goodwill for .59 cents! It s from Sweden (I believe).
It is so darn cute and has movable parts. Isaac keeps lovingly staring at it while declaring, "So pretty, Mama. Mama made that. It so pretty. Good job, Mama." I am SO not going to tell him that I didn't make it :)

And here is my vintage paper find from last year ... a nativity scene. I love it! (Sorry for the bad photo).



This Mama said...

Great finds Jodi!

Paula said...

The "new" tree looks great! I love that nativity scene. How fun to find something so special like that!

Missy said...

i love the new tree and decorations :)

hope your having a great holiday season.


Lara said...

Wow - you find such great stuff! You definitely have the "eye"! I love the advent calendar.