Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow Castles.

Me: "Isaac, look, Mama knows how to make snow castles!"

Isaac: "Wow Mama, that's really beautiful."


Isaac: "Thanks Mama! Now can you make me another one?"

I think I made about 50 snow castles yesterday. All were completely totalled. I say give that snow a good swift kick and tell it to get the hell outta here. I am so done with it!

Spring is coming .... even if I have to drag it by the earlobe.



Cousin Nicole said...

Come back down here, Cousin, and you can use that castle for what it was meant for . . . SAND!!! :) Miss you guys!

Artful Spirit said...

Why do kids always love to destroy our creations? Whenever we play with playdough Kenyon always destroys my creations! I have missed you too. Stinks only having one computer when the hubby uses it for work all the time. I think your snow castle is beautiful too!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Hah Nicole, you are so right!

Mitzy - it's a boy thing. They love to destroy. Its in their chromosomes. Looking forward to more posts from you!