Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Impending Spring ... in Maine.

The indoor seeds have sprouted:

The chickens are venturing outdoors and laying again:

Critters are coming out of hibernation:

Mud is everywhere:

The canoe is finally peeking out from behind a mound of snow:

I am waking up a little bit happier each day.

The sun is sticking around longer.

Isaac and I venture further into the woods each day.

And I am finding Halis sexier every day ... as the spring air brings with it that natural urge to procreate (I bet you wish I hadn't said that).

So - are you feeling "Spring"?




Missy said...

ok....TMI (too much information) your pictures and cute adorable chickens.....

Perla said...

"i bet you wish i hadn't said that". HAHA! thanks for a good laugh and the GORGEOUS photos! we've got tulips starting to peek through the soil and i love it!