Monday, March 30, 2009


It seems that everything I touch these days only gets half-done. Including this pillow cover. Perhaps I have too many projects going at once. How very Libra of me. Each day I am torn between playing with my son, running errands, working on craft projects, building my photography portfolio, hunting thrift stores, reading, exploring the outdoors ... and lately .... helping out family (not including the daily chores of being a household manager). And each day, I try to fit them all in. Seriously. It is ridiculous. I have so many passions, and I want to touch on all of them ... each and every day. So - everything takes forever to get completed (you should see the knitted item I am making Isaac. Halis laughs at how little progress I have made).

But I thank the heavens that I am able to do any of this - no matter how little progress I make. It is a good life. Especially being able to raise my son at home. I just wish that I were a little more focused. My brain just doesn't work that way though. It insists on multi-tasking at ALL times. Yet, I am never frazzled. I guess my brain knows what its doing after all. I just wonder when it is going to decide to finish this pillow (and the photography portfolio, the redecorating of the playroom, Isaac's quilt, the album for our trip to Disney, the paintings that I bought all supplies for, etc. etc.).




Artful Spirit said...

Ok, you sound exactly like me. I had to give up some things. Everything you just described is me to a tee (and I'm an Aries). Not to mention I am stuck 50 hours a week working a job I can't stand to make ends meet. I will not complain though, an end is in sight. My brother in law will be opening his own Dentist office in 2010 and I have been offered a job as an office manager there. Better hours, more pay, and a lot less stress. Yipee! I hope you accomplish all you are working on. I miss our chats on line. Hows the family?

Paula said...

I can so relate, Jodi, but then again I'm a Libra also. I couldn't decide whether to sew, embroider, paint or read tonight, so am blog-reading instead!
I love that pillowcase your working on. Sweet! I've been knitting a shawl since last May. Sad...