Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seeing Green.

Oh ... the green all around us these days is absolutely magnificent. So many hues. So rich. Total eye candy.

I am loving every minute of the sunshine, the trees, the songbirds, the warm winds ... sudoku while lying on a quilt outdoors. I am savoring these pre-summer moments. You know ... the moments before the heat becomes unbearable and I lock myself indoors with a nearly frozen ice tea and a dysfunctional air conditioner.

But this year, thanks to my hubby, this house is going "solar". Thus, I am thinking that my days of using the a/c may be over (sucks up too much energy). However, in order to "Go Green", save money and live a more self-sustainable lifestyle ... sacrifices must be made (more details to follow). So - there will be more "green" this year than the year before. Perhaps not in the trees (though it does seem so) ... but more green in our wallets and more living "green".

We've got the laying hens, the milking goat, the garden ... and now ... the solar energy. We are on our way to a greener lifestyle ... and it feels good.

How about you? Any recent "greening" of your life?


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