Monday, May 4, 2009


Seriously? Did my 4-year old Baby Boy just lose his first tooth? Are such things possible? He is only 4. I am not ready for this yet. He is my baby. He is not supposed to be growing "Adult" teeth yet!

Yes, I cried. Like a total freaky Mom. As though he were headed to college or something. And then my husband said ... "Wow, pretty soon he'll be asking to borrow the truck." Gee, thanks honey.

How is it that I can be a stay-at-home, unschooling Mommy ... who is around to witness his every move ... and yet, I still feel as though he is growing so fast, and that I am missing it all?


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Rosa said...

Oh, yes! All kids march to their own drummer. It is quite shocking even when they are 5 and 6. Since it was the bottom tooth, I think he is on target. I suggest you have a visit to the dentist soon, if you haven't had his first dental visit, yet. Congrats to the big boy!