Friday, May 29, 2009

Tree and Teeko.

Have I told you about Tree and Teeko yet? I think I may not have given them the proper attention that they deserve on this blog. See - chickens used to take up a huge space in my life and heart ... but now that the goats are on the scene, well, the chickens just aren't as much fun anymore (sorry girls). But, we did order 6 more spring chicks from our local Blue Seal farm store. And when arrival day came, we were late to pick-up ... so we ended up with just two (I have no idea how that can happen - as I prepaid for them).

The lady at the feed shop handed Isaac this sweet little "happy meal" shaped box, with his chicks inside and said ... "Two chicken nuggets coming right up." Funny ... and slightly morbid. Anyway, as we drove them home I asked Isaac what their names were going to be and he quickly replied, "Tree and ummmmmmmm.........Teeko." So, there ya have it. Our two new laying hens will have names that almost rival the new goats' names': "Emily and Me". This farm is getting more and more interesting. I shout, "Come here Me." to the goat. And now I will be calling out to a hen named Tree.

Speaking of names, as soon as the goats have their first babes, I am going to name Me's first kid ... "You". I so look forward to that.

Enjoy your day.


Perla said...

jodi, your photography just gets more and more amazing!

i'm so glad that isaac gets to have you and halis for parents!

Paula said...

I just love the names that little one's come up with for the animals. When Dustin was little, we had a cat name Cucumber.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Paula - I think there is a book with a cat named Cucumber, right? That is so sweet.

Perla - I miss you. Thanks for your words.