Monday, January 11, 2010

I Like You: Chocolate Chip "Somethings".

Well, Amy calls this recipe, "Chocolate Chip Cookies". And they should have become that... if I hadn't have skipped out on a very important step. See, I had all the ingredients.

Even organic sugar, organic vanilla, Maine-made butter, and eggs that came straight from our backyard hens.

(See the rich orange yolk? That is one fresh egg!)

Isaac and I even measured everything perfectly.

And we mixed all the ingredients in the exact same order that Amy instructed. We even used a kick-a$$ KitchenAid mixer. (A wedding gift from 1995 - that is still in top form).

We thought we followed all the instructions necessary to make some 'killer' cookies. We waited anxiously by the oven ... eating leftover chocolate chips ... and licking spoons (when the eggs come from my hens, we lick the batter with wild abandon - salmonella be damned).

But ... when we finally opened the oven door to retrieve the fruits of our labor ... well ... this is sort of what Isaac's face looked like ...

... because this is what we were faced with ...

... not quite the cookies that were pictured in Amy's book.

However, it turns out that this chocolate-chip-cookie-turned-pancake predicament was not Amy's fault what-so-ever. Rather, it seems that I missed a very crucial step in cookie batter making. One must CHILL the batter before baking. Did you know this? Apparently I didn't. And my Mom is a baker. For real. It's her job and has been for like 20+ years. Hmmm.

We scraped these 'cookies' off the pan anyway --- and ate them as though we meant to create a bread pudding style chocolate chip concoction. They were just as tasty - I swear. But picture worthy they are not.

I am thinking that if this ever happened to Amy - she would mold the moist cookie crumbles in to some fantastic sculpture --- likely that of a squirrel or rabbit (read the book). But I felt so defeated by my lack of acing the most basic of baking recipes ... that I could not conjure up any humor in it. Amy would have though. I know it.

I know now that I will need to return to this recipe again soon. I feel the need to master it before heading on to such lofty goals as Mr. Mace's Mushroom Casserole.

So, if you are following this "Amy Sedaris: I Like You. Blog Series" in order to gain some serious Martha Stewart type cooking & entertaining tips ... I have nothing for you. Apparently, at the age of 36, I can't even get cookies right. But if you would like to follow me on this journey of self-discovery through baking/cooking/entertaining ... then by all means come along for the ride. It seems as though it is going to be an interesting one.



Walnut Valley UMC said...

Is it possible that using all organic ingredients impacts the outcome?!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the "snow man incident" LOL. Please share it with every one. I never laughed so hard in my life.

CelticMommy said...

In answer to Anonymous above (from an amateur homemade baker), the most likely culprit is that the batter heated up with the mixing... very common when using a Kitchen Aid... and especially so if all ingredients were room temp. Were they? If warm, the batter will spread quicker than a cold batter. Just an FYI.