Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Are Alive & Well.

I have gotten word from 2 generous souls who have been serving Petit Goave, Haiti --- that Isaac's biological family is alive and well. I received this news earlier in the week, but could not bring myself to fully believe it until Thursday eve --- when Dr. Steve Edmondson sent me photographs he had taken of our family (post earthquake). These pictures had me overjoyed, as our loved ones look so very healthy ... and actually managed some smiles. It was absolutely wonderful to see ... BUT it is also very bittersweet. As Dr. Steve wrote in his e-mail, "Your family is very fortunate, Jodi. Petit Goave was pretty messed up by the earthquake. Many people died there." I am incredibly thankful that our family is well, but also incredibly sad for Haiti and for the millions of lives that have been upended by this disaster.

Another amazing man, and his lovely wife, helped us to locate our Haitian family as well. They live right here in Winterport, Maine. This man, Sheldon, spoke to Isaac's biofamily, and told us that their home is in ruins. He came home from Haiti yesterday and wishes to speak to us after he settles in. I am very much looking forward to what he has to say. We are hoping to learn of their needs, and any other needs we can help to meet in their village ... as Halis is still planning his trip there for February.

Now that we have 100% confirmation that the Metellus family is alive and well, we have removed their information and pictures from this site in an effort to try to keep Isaac's adoption story as private as possible. Thank goodness we took a chance and put their info out into the world as that is how we were able to locate them.

Thank you all ... for your love, prayers, thoughts ... and for your continued support of Haiti.



MJ said...

Answered prayers - how awesome! As devastating as it is, how wonderful for Issac to know his relatives are alive!

Tara Rison said...

A true blessing!

Debbie Nelson said...

Our family is so happy for you Jodi - we've had yours & Isaac's biofamily in our prayers. The technology to make such quick discoveries is SUCH a blessing!

fingerstothebone said...

I've been immersed in a few other projects so am late in keeping up, but I am so very happy for you and your whole family!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you ALL. You are wonderful to think of us during such a horrible time for Haiti. We are so grateful that Isaac's bios are alive and uninjured ... and seem to be faring well. He has raised some funds for them, and we are hoping it will help with the reconstruction of their home. Love to you all --- such generous women you all are! xo