Saturday, January 2, 2010

Michael Franti : Adoption : A Home for the Holidays

A reminder to us all ... especially to myself ...

I know Halis and I have more children out there in this world. I may need to replay this video over and over to remind myself to take the time to go out there and find them.

What about you? Is there room in your heart and home to give a child a forever family? You might be surprised at what your heart tells you ... if you reach in far enough. Love is all that truly matters in this world. Love - so simple - so powerful - so complete.

I thank God for adoption every day. Maybe you can too.




Robinsunne said...

I have two children. By adoption. And this is what I think: having children is a selfish thing. I didn't have children to save them, I had children because .. well maybe to save me. And the experience has never been a gift of less than about a million percent.

When I was trying to have belly babies the Dr. said: you never know what to expect. Just open your heart and let that little soul in. Oh my God. It is the opening I think that is the gift. Prying open the rusty gates and giving so much away. And then they bring you pearls back, coming from the opposite direction than you were looking half the time.

I wanted children. Two exactly. I wanted a small thing and they have given me, oh, you know, life.

Kait said...

I hate that people treat adoptive parents like we're superheroes. It makes the whole thing seem like it's beyond the "average" person. All it takes is a willingness to open your heart to a child. Somehow that seems to be so difficult but I just can't imagine not loving a child. That's why we ignored fertility treatment and went straight to adoption and why we'll adopt the remainder of our children. I know they're out there and I can't wait to meet them.

Kait said...

Also, I was doing just fine through the video until the very end when he blew his mom a kiss and mouthed "I love you mom." Now I'm crying. I blame you Jodi. :-)

Jodi Renshaw said...

Robin & Kait,

Thank you both for commenting ... and I SO agree with you both. You each have different ways of saying basically the very same thing. I am no hero for adopting Isaac ... I am his Mom. Is a woman who gives birth a hero? I ask this because the love I feel for Isaac could not be any different. In fact, some days I truly believe that I he resided within me before he was born ... and in many ways - he did :) The other day I asked him why he was so wonderful ... and he said it was because he chose wonderful parents. I love it. We tell him all the time that we all chose eachother way before our births into this world. No different than any other family.

Anyway - when people say things like, "Wow, you two are so wonderful to take in a child." or "He is such a lucky boy to have been chosen by you both." .... etc, etc. I want to puke. And actually, I feel bad for these people because what they are saying is that they have no capacity to experience love outside of their DNA. I don't get that. They also have no capacity to see that what Isaac and I have is NOT a "giver" and "receiver" relationship. It is a mutual bond. He doesnt love me because I provide him food and a bed. He loves me because I am his Mommy ... because every cell in my body is attached to that boy. It is as though someone took my heart out of my chest, put limbs on it, and gave it freedom.

Well, I could go on and on ... but then I will cry. Though we people who adopt are not "heros", etc ... adoption IS such an amazing journey between souls. Souls that unite regardless of biology, regardless of culture, and often outside of social norms.

Geesh .. I am thinking that we could all 3 start one hell of an adoption blog! Wouldnt that be great ... we could tell it like it is from those of us who adopt for love and for family - not to "save" a child or provide a service.

Well, I better tend to that little guy who stole my heart ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including this video on your blog. Adopting a child from foster care is one of my goals - and I'm slowly stabilizing my own life in several areas, working toward being able to provide a stable "forever" home for a child. As a fan of Michael Franti and his message, and someone who always watches the "A Home for the Holidays" program, Michael's story simply reinforced my intention. Your blog is lovely - and I wish the best to your family.