Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Defending the Rights of Cows.

Scene: driving through the city - on our way to visit Auntie

Isaac: "Mama, where are the cows?"

Mama: "They aren't here babe. We are in the city now. The cows are in the country."

Isaac: "Cows aren't allowed in the city?"

Mama: (stunned that he understand the word 'allowed') "No, Cows aren't allowed in the city. Only in the country. We live in the country."

Isaac: "Mama, I wanna go home now."

Well, I guess if cows can't be in the city - then Isaac doesn' t want to be either. Poor Isaac is going to have to get used to the idea that cows will no longer be part of our everyday lives in the city ... OR ... we will just have to do as Daddy has suggested, and keep our country home as a weekend get-away. Best of both worlds :)



Tim & Sarah said...

I was raised in the city, therefore, don't have a great appreciation for the country. But I do vote for keeping the house as a weekend get away. That alway's sounds appealing, get away!

Perla said...

isaac has such a loving heart. i love it when one of my kids surprises me with an understanding of something that they care about.