Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isaac Bakes Cakes.

Since watching Max (of Max and Ruby fame) make his own Birthday cake (on our latest Max & Ruby video ) ... my son wants to bake a Birthday cake every day. Every day. Because every day is somebody's birthday after all. And as often as I can, I indulge him in this ... because cake is yummy and baking is fun.

We have now baked many, many cakes and Isaac seems to be understanding the various steps and ingredient mixtures. However, he still is quite confused about what it means to add eggs to the mix:

Silly Mama just says, "Ok Isaac, time to put the eggs in." So, what can I expect of my 3-year old? He simply adds the eggs... shells and all. Funny man. Silly Mama.

Enjoy the day.




Crystal said...

Haha! Now that is cute!

Perla said...

i'm so glad that you can indulge him. three-year-olds only stay three for a year. :) how is that for wisdom? One thing my kids have liked is when i crack the eggs into a cup and let them pour the cup of eggs into the batter. :) it might make for a less crunchy cake.

Missy said...

very cute :) how fun to bake with your little guy. i don't have a lot of patience when it comes to cooking......