Thursday, April 10, 2008

Refreshed & Very Much Alive.

I think that you have to live in a Northern, snowy state like Maine in order to fully appreciate how refreshing Spring is to the body, mind and soul. After months of seeming hibernation, Spring becomes an awakening and a re-birth in every possible way. I find myself wanting to dance, sing, play, make-love, make plans and spend every possible moment outdoors. I want to shed all these layers of clothes ... coats, hats, mittens, sweaters. I dream big, I reminisce, I appreciate. I cleanse my home of winter debris both indoors and out. I open the coop door to release the chickens back out into the natural world. I open my house doors so the earth can breathe life back into our dusty home. I turn the music on just a little bit louder. I contemplate a new haircut and some new clothes. I become hopelessly re-attracted to my husband.

I become fully alive again ... and it feels so good.

There is a time in life for rest and reflection (Winter). But that time is not now. Now is the time for birds to sing and play ... for buds to bloom ... for new life to come into the world ... and for all people to rediscover their beauty, their songs, their joy ...

Happy Spring My Friends!


Missy said...

how fun :) you have a lot to get busy!


Paula said...

Absolutely!! Spring has sprung here also~ gotta get outside....