Monday, April 21, 2008

My Best Friend.

(Here is my best friend - at the mall - trying on bras - outside of the dressing room - trying to be goofy enough to embarass my Mom - which she did - cracking me up with her pink long-johns and commentary...)

I never knew that I wanted or needed a "best friend" until I found Melissa (or rather, she found me). She is my rock, my joy, my soul, my sister. We can stay up all night long - enjoying deep philisophical conversation or we can stay up all night long - making prank commentary online in a Big Brother chat room (hilarious!).

I love you so much Missy. And am thankful for you - everyday. You turn a good life into a great life!



Tim & Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! That is so funny!

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

I want to be friends with you two. Seriously, bras at the mall and Big Brother prank comments (was it on Jokers?) - my idea of a rockin' good time.