Thursday, April 24, 2008

Granny Squares in Need of Assistance.

I inherited these gorgeous, hand-knit granny squares (is that what they are called?). They are lovely, but unfinished. And I do not knit. I wish I did. So, I am posting this photo to ask you all for advice. Can I use them just as they are? Is there someone out there who is willing to knit them together to create a blanket?

I have seen granny squares used in making some very sweet mobiles as well, and am considering that as well.

All advice welcome.

Thank you!


Tim & Sarah said...

I am no knitter, but maybe you could use them individually for coasters, and possibly hand stitch several together to put hot pans or pots onto?

Mary said...

Yes, these are granny squares and they can be sewn or crocheted together. These are not knit, but crocheted. If you don't crochet, just use a large needle, threaded with white yarn, put the right sides of the squares together and sew them into a strip. When the strip is the length you want it, do another and then sew the strips together.

Hope this helps.

Kelly said...

depending upon how many you have, you could small bag size portions but sewing together as described above, putting in a liner and creating a handle for a bag ~
you could also make pillow covers...
pothholder (when made with a liner b/t two)
hot plate barrier for mealtime
lots of little mini doll blankets!
if you make small dolls these could be a nice accompaniment ~
maybe sew two together to make small treasure bags (attatch a handle) ~
HTh ~

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you all !!! I will let you know what I do with these beauties as soon as I make a decision. You're suggestions & tips have been great :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, I live in Milo Maine. My husband works at Indian Island and I could crochet those together for you. Do you Barter?