Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Things My Goats Have Taught Me So Far.

These young ladies are teaching me so very much lately. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Anything you continue to feed - over a period of time - will eventually believe that you are its Mama.

2. I pay more attention to the nutritional intake of my goats than I do my own son (this will soon change).

3. Goats make better pets than dogs. They follow you around everywhere, lick you, play with you, appreciate you ... but then they can go back into the barn so as not to chew your chairs, lift their legs on the furniture, or get fur all over your bed.

4. I now know what it is like to bottle feed a baby at all hours of the day and night. (Isaac came home to me when he was past this stage).

5. Baby goats smell almost as wonderful as baby humans. They have that sweet newborn smell.

6. Letting your children name your barnyard animals is not always a good idea. I find myself yelling, "Come here, Me. Hey you, Me, get over here."

7. Some cats (especially the evil kind) will try to catch and eat a baby goat. Seriously. My Mom's evil 200 pound cat went for the jugular. But same cat is afraid of chickens.

8. Goats milk is incredibly good for humans --- much better than cows milk. No cholesterol in goats milk ... among other things.

9. I never knew I could love goats so much. I could wrestle and play with them for hours. So much fun. Never boring. Who knew?

10. My husband will allow just about anything in order to please me ... (or to make up for those moments when he makes me wish I were single). The goat barn is almost finished and I only told him I was buying the goats on Friday --- on a whim. Not to mention that the babes are hanging out in our kitchen till the barn is complete.



mommyknows said...

1. Anything you continue to feed - over a period of time - will eventually believe that you are its Mama.

Ah, it all makes sense now ... this is why my husband acts like a child!

Perla said...

i had no idea about goats. how wonderful to learn and how wonderful of you to focus on all of the positive attributes! they are so cute. i just had no idea. how does their milk taste?

i love the post about your brother. the photo is beautiful of him and isaac. very very touching.

Cousin Nicole said...

Goats in the kitchen and ducks in the bathtub! Only you, Cousin! :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

MommyKnows - You are so right about the husband thing!

Perla - Their milk tastes so great - exactly like whole cows milk - but with a bit less after taste. I like it raw :) And thanks for commenting about the post regarding my brother. That was a special post for me. I love him so.

Cousin Nic - Thanks for reminding me about the ducks in the bathtub!!!! I forgot. I guess I am a little weird :)

Love ya all,