Saturday, March 3, 2007

Born to Ride.

Our sweet friend Meaghan slept over last night - during a heavy snow storm - and awoke to find quite the winter wonderland outdoors. I am not sure of the exact snowfall, but we must have gotten over a foot of snow. And it was the perfect "sticky" snow that is necessary for making a snow person.

Meaghan took to the outdoors armed with the jar of plastic snowman making supplies that we received for Christmas (I guess that real carrot noses and corn cob pipes are so "yesterday") and she came up with this lovely pint-sized snowman. Unfortunately, he didn't last but maybe 10 minutes as Jack the dog tore at his scarf and hat as soon as Meaghan turned her back. We did manage to get a picture before the snowman was attacked...

And then Meggie spent the rest of the daylight hours zooming around the yard on her "feminine-pink-but-oh-so-tough-and-cool" ATV (with matching helmet). As Meaghan told me today, "Jodi, it's like I was born to ride."

Halis got a little jealous ... so he stole away on Meg's wheels while she wasn't looking. But even at 30 MPH, he was not able to outrun & outwit Meaghan in her relentless pursuit to recover her pretty little ATV. However, Halis claimed that he simply gave in to her because the ATV wasn't really his color anyway.

Enjoy your weekend.



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