Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thrifty Thursday.

Ok, so I didn't actually go thrift store shopping TODAY ... but "Thrifty Thursday" just sounds so right. Perhaps I will just use Thursday blog posts to showcase my thrift shopping finds for the week. Humor me my friends, I need some order in an otherwise chaotic life.

So, here are my Goodwill finds from my Monday shopping:

For about $40 or so, I bought the following:

A stack of children's books

A classic "Bowling Bunnies" game

A red set of cloth place mats

A teal set of cloth place mats

4 Stainless Steel dipping bowls

A Little Tikes Wooden Peg Game

A Golden Book Tin w/Playing Cards

A *Brand New* Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Toy

A Juiceman Pro Juicer w/booklet

An Elmo Lunch Bag

A Yellow Tablecloth

Sneakers for Isaac

A Book for Halis

A Winter Jacket for Isaac (for next year)

A HomeSewn Apron
I did really well! And so did Isaac. He was with me through all that shopping and so, I couldn't have done it without his cooperation :) We are planning a Goodwill stop in Augusta tomorrow. And possibly Waterville. I'll let you know how we do.
Oh, and I have placed the Juicer on Ebay. I only paid $7 for it - in like new condition - and they are selling for $60 plus. With the right bid, that juicer may pay for my whole shopping day.


Wende said...

Ah yes, Thursday is my thrift day too! Except, I'm doing it for my store. Which means the Friday ends up being photography day! :D

And BW used to be my little shopping buddy at that age. We called our excursions, "Exploring" and he was always game. Even today, he gets the itch to go to thrift store or to Joann's. Now we call it retail therapy! :D

Jodi Renshaw said...

Wende, I love it! I think I am going to take Isaac "exploring" today ... what a great way to present it. And it truly IS exploring!