Thursday, March 8, 2007

Washing Ducks.

So, it is 2 days before Isaac's big birthday bash and we are busy getting ready for all his guests to arrive. The house has been cleaned, the linens have been pressed, the recipes have been gathered, the food has been purchased, the goody bags have been created, the games have been chosen, and the ducks have been washed. Seriously. They were dirty. Seriously dirty.

Now, Isaac's birthday theme is "farm" and therefore all his guests will be enjoying various barnyard activities, including the petting of our ducks and chickens. And who wants to pat a dirty duck? I mean, they sleep underneath the perched hens at night. Get it, underneath the hens ... all night long... you can imagine what the ducks are covered in by morning. Not a pretty sight.

So, we thought it best to wash our ducks today. Primp them for the party, as it were. However, we did have to place them back outside in the coop ... where they are again sleeping under the hens.



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