Friday, April 13, 2007

2-year old Yogi Master.

A little known fact of my life is that I have secretly harbored a desire to teach Yoga to young children. I am not totally sure why. I mean, I do like Yoga (like, not love) but I don't practice it (although I have in the past). But the idea of sharing such a beautiful, spiritual and healthy practice with sweet little people who have such open minds and hearts ... well, it just sounds heavenly. And although I go through long spells of forgetting this secret desire, I was fully reminded of it today when I decided to introduce Isaac to some poses via a Yoga video that I purchased long ago.

I bought the video, Yoga Kids Vol. 2, along with the books 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids and Incredible You. I was hoping to use these resources along with the title, Raising Peaceful Children in a Violent World, to create a curriculum for a one-week summer camp for my Unitarian-Universalist church. I wasn't sure what the title would be ... but the idea was to create a week of activities centered around assisting the children in awakening their own unique inner spirituality, to empower them with self-love, as well as to help them to find the peace and harmony within themselves so that they can nurture peace and harmony in all of life ... etc ... etc...

However, I never initiated such a program, though I think now that I will ... especially after seeing how quickly Isaac took to participating in some yoga exercises today. It was wonderful! He even practiced the "OM" like a yogi master. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well as participated in some healthy exercise. The Yoga Kids video made it so easy to introduce some poses to him in a fun way ... and gave me lots of ideas for continuing to keep his interest in yoga & meditation exercises (I highly recommend it).

And better yet ... it got me exercising again!!! Boy, am I out of shape ... and in great need of shedding some pounds. And there is nothing like wanting the best for your child to motivate a Mommy to also do what is best for her at the same time. I want my son to live a healthy lifestyle, and therefore I must show by example. So, Mommy is breaking out the yoga mats, organic fruit, walking sneakers and bottled water!

And maybe if I gain some flexibility, shed some pounds and motivate myself to create a Spiritual-Wellness Program for Kids (I see a title forming), I can realize my secret ambition to become a part-time yoga instructor for grade schoolers. That would be one secret ambition achieved ... and only 412 to go!


P.S. The above photo of Isaac was taken tonight at Borders Bookstore, where I was shopping for even more books on rearing peaceful children, yoga for kids, and hip sewing projects (yet another passion).

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