Monday, April 2, 2007

A Legacy of Quilted Love.

We just got back from a weekend in Nashua, NH. My husband's family organized a get-together for the purpose of dividing up some of my Mother-in-Law's estate. It was a bitter-sweet reunion.

For two short days we took up residence at the hotel that my husband calls "The No-Tell Motel" (aka Motel 6). The kids just love staying at hotels because then I am not preoccupied with cooking or cleaning ... and they get more of my attention than usual. Frankly, I am thinking that we should just sell our house and live out of hotels! I, too, love how connected we all are when we have nothing else to monopolize our time and psyches.

Anyway, we spent Saturday at the my MIL's house dividing up handmade quilts, Longaberger baskets and toys from the siblings childhoods. Lots of memories - both wonderful and sad.

As many of you know, my Mother-in-Law, Patricia Sirimoglu, was an avid quilter who often expressed her love through quilts. We were blessed with receiving these treasures throughout our lives and now are even more blessed in sharing an inheritance of her own personal collection of handmade quilts. All the wives took turns in choosing our favorites ... and here are some of my choices. I am so honored to have these in our home...

I feel so blessed, honored and humbled by these works of art. These quilts come from the very woman who showed me how to sew, quilt and create art with fabrics. I doubt that I will ever be the quilter that she was, but I am sure these quilts will continue to inspire me. What is even more inspirational, is how many she gave away to various charitable organizations. Literally, hundreds. We have the "thank you" letters as proof of her incredible generosity. What a loving example for her grandchildren.

I leave you with my absolute favorite "pick" ... she pieced this quilt by hand and then hand quilted every stitch. These pictures do no justice its beauty ... but hopefully you will get a sense of the craftsmanship that went into this work of art ...

Thank you, Mom. We love you.

~ Jodi

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