Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meaghan's "Rockin" Good Karma.

I had no idea that Meaghan had a recital today. In fact, even as it began, I had no clue that it was even taking place ... but I still made it there just in time!

How? Well, Meaghan must have ordered it from the Universe, that's how! As she was arriving at the entrance to her recital, I was driving by in my truck. She spotted me and called me on my cell phone ... begging me to come. Apparently, she had been calling me all day to invite me ... but I wasn't home. Seems that I was taking a very unusual day trip to downtown Bangor (exactly where Meaghan was). And it seems that I drove by her recital at the exact moment that she was making her way in. Coincidence? Of course not! That is how the Law of Attraction works ... and Meaghan was in complete alignment with all powers of the Universe ... and thus summoned me (& Isaac) out of nowhere. Good Work Meg. Your Karma "ROCKS"!



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