Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tulip Envy.

This is the scene that I woke up to this morning. I was not happy. In fact, I turned to my husband and said, "We need to get the *%!$ out of Maine." And I am pretty sure I meant it. Now, I have always loved Maine. It is where I chose to live ... and it has served me well. But I think enough is enough already. I need less winter.

Sure, thanks to global warming, our winter did not begin until January. But when there are tulips in Connecticut and apple blossoms in our nation's capital ... the last thing I want is another snow storm. I am suffering from tulip envy ... as well as a now-tempered "spring fever". I need to smell the mud again before I go mad!

Halis and I have been very seriously considering moving within a year or two ... but that is for another post...

As for now, it looks like we are due to get another 5-8 inches of snow by tomorrow night. I just found this out on tonight's evening news. Prior to learning this, I had every intention of writing a lovely post about the wonderful benefits of enjoying one's cousins. It was to be a reflection on my own unique relationships to my beloved cousins as well as a discussion about Isaac's newly formed relations to his own cousins. I promise, it was going to be lovely ... pictures and all... But I just could not wrap my head around beautiful and lovely thoughts tonight.

Well, that was until I tried to crawl into bed ... and this is what I found ...

The three "men" in my life were all sharing the bed together ... looking content as can be ... and I thought some most "lovely" thoughts ... the loveliest of which was regarding how incredibly blessed I feel when I remember that I am completely surrounded by love.



P.S. Thanks to Fiona for a wonderful phone conversation today. You made a gloomy day feel so much brighter. I am blessed by your friendship.

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lindiepindie said...

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. Cute picture you posted here - the dog's paws on his eyes are too cute! As is your little Isaac. :o)

We used to live in Michigan where the winters seemed incredibly long. Now were in Texas where the summers are incredibly oppressive. I wish there was a happy medium someplace, but I guess if there were, it would be crowded and not fun. The tulips will come, you'll see. :o)