Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sick Day # 2.

Ugh. Not only is the weather outside "yucky" ... but so are we. Isaac and I have sore throats, dry coughs, and headaches, etc. However, we are going to count our blessings... please indulge us...

* We are loved.
* We love.
* We are well fed.
* Halis (aka Daddy) has a job that supports us.
* We have a safe and warm home.
* We have great friends.
* We have loving family.
* We live in a safe neighborhood.
* The Canadian geese were flying overhead this morning.
* Our good friends, the Goodales, are coming over for Easter Sunday.
* Bobo and Poppy are coming over this Saturday.
* We are gorgeous (ahem.... I said, please indulge us).
* We are brilliant (again with the indulging).
* We have Meaghan in our lives.
* We are warm and cozy in our bed right now.



P.S. I made the birdhouse in this picture... back in 2002. Many birds have hatched out within it :)

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