Saturday, May 12, 2007

And so it begins...

... the simple, carefree, joyful days of summer. Ahhhh.... the beginning of the summer season is filled with such hope and promise. We, who want to enjoy and savor every moment of it, begin to scheme and plan for day trips, parties, vacations, and beach combing (not to mention plenty of yard sales).

Just yesterday it was already 94 degrees here in the Bangor area. Spring??? I think we missed it entirely. But we are not complaining.

And although we have lots of plans for a lovely, fun-filled summer ... I think we are all most interested in just relaxing around the homestead. And some of us can be found doing just that already ...

Oh...and speaking of yard sales, please stay tuned for some of my incredible finds from today's excursion. What fun!

Also, for those who are as giddy about fabrics as I am, please see this website.

Enjoy :)

Though I do plan to post tomorrow, I wish EVERY MOTHER the happiest Mother's Day!


1 comment:

Wende said...

Oh my, 94. I suppose I can dream about that. :D

Happy Mother's Day, Jodi.