Thursday, May 17, 2007

Birds & Buds.

Well, my creative juices are still flowing, and I continue to sketch some really fun designs for kids clothing. I have been inspired by my budding apple trees as well as the birds that are creating nests throughout my yard.

So, here is the debut of a couple of new designs:

I have sketched out many more designs, but have not sewn them onto clothing yet. I am headed out to do some yard sale & thrift store shopping tomorrow in an effort to get some bargain clothing to sew my designs onto. I can't wait! This has become so much fun. Isaac and Meaghan have a funky, chic new wardrobe. Now, if only I could get up the guts to create my own clothing :) That day will come.




Wende said...

Look at you doing this! :D Very cool.

That bird singing below is charming.

Isaac in his red boots... goodness, he's a camera ham! Super cute, that kid!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks Wende! I SO enjoy compliments from you because you are a "blogging" inspiration :) ... among other wonderful things.