Monday, May 14, 2007

"Opening" Day of Yard Sale Season.

I think my favorite part of the spring/summer season is scouring yard sales for all sorts of goodies. This past Saturday was my "opening day" for the yard sale season. And it was a great one! Not only did I find all sorts of yummy things for our home, the kids, Ebay, etc. but I also was able to venture out alone (without the kiddos). And that is pretty remarkable as you can probably count the number of hours I have spent apart from Isaac using your fingers and toes.

So, here are the greatest finds of the day...

I found this sweet VIBERT MAINE pottery platter for just $2! That was an insane bargain. I just loved the piece and fully intended to find a place for it in my home ... but when I looked it up online, I discovered that it is worth at least $120 on Ebay ... so I guess it won't be staying here after all!

I also found this gorgeous Loon Wall Planter piece of pottery. It is wonderfully made. The previous owner said that she received it as a gift from a friend in Idaho (I think). It is stamped, but I can't make out who the potter is. Anyway, I think I may keep this. It was another incredible bargain at only $3!

And then, my Dad spotted this picture for me at a yard sale that we saw each other at (my parents are yard salers too). I am very passionate about trees ... so he thought I might like this framed photograph - and I do. It was $4. When I brought it home, I noticed that it was hand signed by the photographer. When I looked him up, I found that this piece originally sold for about $400! Wow ... another incredible bargain. I think this piece will go in my new sewing room (as soon as I can get working on it).

And finally, my incredibly sexy and industrious husband has completed the renovation of our side porch ... and I LOVE it! All it needs is a paint job and some shrubbery and it will be perfect. My husband is amazing and I have come to the fabulous realization that I am incredibly spoiled. And AMEN for that!

(Halis, you are wonderful and I am thankful for you every moment of every day ... even on the "rough" days. You amaze me. Thanks for the porch and for the gorgeous Mother's Day gifts.)



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