Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Finishing What She Started ...

My Mother-in-Law taught me most of what I know about quilting and sewing. She gave me such a gift - one that I am forever grateful for. And when she passed away, I inherited many of her gorgeous quilts, her sewing machine, some of her fabrics, and several of her unfinished projects.

I am currently working on completing some of those projects. It is a bitter-sweet task. Many nights I find myself sitting and hand-sewing in the very same chair that she sat and hand-sewn in as well (we inherited the chair too). And though she and I had a complicated relationship, I feel at peace with her when I settle into working on some of her handiwork. And I wonder if she can see me ... and whether she has now come to a better understanding of who I really am ... in the same way that I have come to a better understanding of her. I wonder if she is happy to see that her work is being completed and enjoyed. I sincerely hope so.



bettyninja said...

Wow what an interesting challenge it is to finish the work that someone, especially family, has left off. I am very intrigued by the second quilts design. It looks quite original and very modern at the same time.

Perla said...

I know that your mother-in-law can see you, Jodi. And I'm sure it brings her peace. I am enjoying looking through all of these posts that I've missed out on!