Monday, February 11, 2008

Wee Wonderfuls & 30 Days of Yesteryear.

Several moons ago, I purchased this so-sweet pattern from Wee Wonderfuls:

... and I finally got around to making a Spaceboy for Isaac:

... though some have called him "El Nacho Libre" and others thought he was a Ninja.

I think he is adorable though. And the pattern was SO easy to follow. Very well written and user friendly. I was highly impressed ... and am certain that I will purchase more of Hillary Lang's patterns in the future.

Also, today is Day 1 of my "30 Days of Yesteryear" Flickr project. Click here to see today's photo. It is probably my favorite photo of all time. Enjoy :)

(If anyone would like to join me in this project - I would be thrilled to see your yesteryear pics a well!)

Enjoy the Day.
~ Jodi


Paula said...

I bet Isaac loves his robot. Really cute! I have that pattern saved to my favorites, thinking that I'm going to buy it one of these days soon. All these little grandsons of mine would like a robot, I'm sure!
Going now to check out your yesteryear project...

Tim & Sarah said...

Spaceboy is just so darn cute!